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Homeownership Made Easy

Here at Marquis Banking, we understand that the home loan process can seem a bit intimidating – from applying to getting all the necessary documentation to selecting the best loan option for your needs.

Here, we make the process as simple as it could get by offering the necessary resources and personal assistance to help you understand everything about the home buying process. This way, you can know exactly what to expect before making any moves.

The Path to Ownership is easier than you think

This is what buying a home with Marquis Banking looks like:

Set a realistic budget for your future home

Before setting your sites on any particular home, it is prudent estimate how much you can spend or see what your monthly installments could look like if you already have a price range in mind.

Complete your entire application online

You can upload, sign and submit your documents online. You can also lock-in your rate. In case you need a bit of assistance, you can text, call or email us for guidance. We will be more than glad!

Get approved in as little as 3 minutes

Tell us a bit about yourself and the stage you are in in your home buying journey. We will get you a quote personalized to you right away without any effects on your credit score. This way, you can get a pre-approval letter to make use of while house-hunting.

Sign at closing and receive your keys

When it comes to closing, you will finalize everything in person. We will give you all the information in good time, including where to meet and what you will need to carry (besides a pen). After signing all the paperwork, next is the fun part: You receive the keys to your new home so you can start enjoying the new chapter of your journey!

Our services

Fixed rate mortgages

Fixed rate mortgages have the same interest rate during your loan period which means your monthly payments stay the same throughout.

Adjustable-rate mortgages

This is a type of mortgage that has fluctuating interest which means that the interest rates can either go up or down, depending on the market conditions.

Manufactured housing

We offer a wide variety of superb and affordable manufactured homes ranging from the simple and basic styles to a highly customizable option. Whatever the budget, we will match you to a house that best suits your needs and lifestyle.


A lease is an agreement detailing terms under which the lessor(landlord) agrees to let out a property to a lessee (Tenant) for an agreed length of time. At Marquis Banking, we offer we have made leasing as easy as 123.

We are ahead of the game, and it shows

We are often recognized as the leaders in customer satisfaction, diversity and inclusion as well as being a great place to work.

Our awards and good reviews are a testament to our culture of putting our customers first and we are proud of every success.

  • No lender fees
  • Get preapproved in minutes
  • Close generally up to two weeks faster than industry average
  • Reliable support from a team
  • Up to 100% financing for manufactured homes

Expert advice is at your fingertips

Our Home Loan Experts are available to help with all your mortgage concerns.


This was our first property purchase and I do have to say that the process was smooth from the very start to finish. Jeff and Rozina were quite helpful through every step and we cannot thank them enough! Would highly recommend this team and we will definitely be using them again.

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